Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is a mega canvas i made a few years back now, it hangs in my living room where lots of people WOW at is made up of 420 inchies,
for the people that read this and dont know what inchies are,they are 1 inch x 1 inch squares each of them with their own little art work on them.This was only going to be 130 or so inchies but i could not stop and knew where i was going to hang this straight away.(above my bed) but it was to good to hide away so now it has been "living "in my living room.Im thinking about doing another but with twinchies 2in x 2in.......maybe...not the best pics but you get the idea...looks sooooooooo much better in real life/art life!

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  1. Love the wall art....Just curious how you put it together..I understand the inches. Did you attach to canvas or some other form to hold the piecies together. I have a plan with some quilted picture paper crafts. I would love to make into wall art, but not sure how to attach it all togther. My squares are 3x3 at the moment. At first I was planning just a 12x12 wall art using heavy scrapbook carstock as the initial backing, but then I got stumped on the best way to adhere to something stronger to last a life time. I want to use this as a gift to my daughters when they get their first place of thier own. Which for one is more than likely later this fall. Thanks for any suggestions.