Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is an Avent calander i made a few years ago now..Its a 60x 60 canvas with boxes painted christmas colours,I used a brad and a small amount of glue to hole them in place,once i was happy i found any thing to do with christmas,glued / stapled  or sewed them onto the front of the boxes.Numbered the boxes 1 to 24 but u could put one in the middle so u had number 25( i thought kids get enough on the 25th).You then can fill the boxes with what ever treats you like,I found this to be great as i can fit a few treats in....i can easily fit 3 for my kids in each box..i have a friend that can fit in the long run it will work out to save you money.It is a little big to store but i wrap it in a blanket and put it under my bed... :)

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