Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spectrum Noir colouring.

Well how fast does time go by ? Just about August !!!
I have been teaching colouring with Spectrum noir pens and i must say some of the girls have been doing a great job !! And a few are still struggling through, But that's fine great colouring takes time :)

So here I'm going to post a step by step on how to colour this cute girls dress....
So here goes
First stamp your image using Memento ink.
Taking your darkest colour first( i like working dark to light but you and work light to dark)
Do little *stitch*like strokes over the folds in her dress,Its better if the lines are all different lengths as this gives it the "real" look.

Taking the next shade down colour next to and a little over ( but not all over) step one.You can now see the darker of the two colours are now starting to blend.

Now taking the lightest of the three colours you are working with
and colour the remaining of her dress all so colouring a little over the second( middle) colour but not all the way over.Now you can see the three colours are starting to blend.

Now using the second and third colours slowly blend into the darker colours using a circular motion or a dabbing motion.EG the second colour needs to be worked into the first (darker) colour and the third colour needs to be worked into the second colour.

Once you are happy with the blending you then can use your darkest(first) colour to re touch the high lights.
Now your cute little girls is all ready for a card :)
Tomorrow i will add how to colour flowers :)
See you then Xx

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Excited !!!! much.......

I opened my emails today, As i have been waiting for a response form Crafters companion about accreditation for the Spectruim Noir markers. Now i have been waiting awhile.....worried.....thinking...Oh my !! Today was the day i heard back ! My eyes lit up and i have passed :) I am now a Spectrum Noir Accredited Colourist !! yay....I will show you some of the colouring i had to do :)  

First time at images like these, As most of you know these images are SO SO not me :) But I'm happy with the way they have turned out !!
If you are thinking about buy these pens i would say DO IT NOW !! i love them
If you would like to learn how to colour using Spectrum Noir pens i teach once a month at Scrap it flaunt it In Kelmscott you can get all the details HERE
I hope to see you all out there some time real soon :)
Thanks for stopping by Xx 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Freaky Friday 42

Freaky Friday 42

Sponsor: Sassy Studio Designs


You must have some type of metal on your project

Get creative!

(yes brads and eyelets count)

Winner will receive 4 digital stamps from Sassy Studio Designs
So here is my design .......

So if you LOVE a little bit of steampunk and a little bit of metal WHY not JOIN in the fun?
You have 4 days to get your entires in to win some great stamps :)
See you soon Xx