Monday, July 18, 2011

Alice in wonderland theme party !

My daughter was hosting her friends at my house the other week !
They were going to have a photo shoot as she has a good friend that loves to take photos !
Oh and when she told me the theme ..............
               This is right up my ally ........
So here are the photos of the set up but i was not aloud to take photos of them .
     ( but if i can get hold of a few i will post them )

I collected old books !

Went to my mums and got all my Nana's tea cups and sets !

made a little food !

Pulled out my Heidi Swap large playing cards !

And last i have to thank the neighbour for all the leaves that drop from his pain in the a*# tree ! This time they came in handy !
Thanks for taking the time to pop over !

Ok so here is a photo !!
My daughter as the red queen !
Chloe from chloe and her clip ons found this really cool site for me to enter my pics its
called altered alice !! and what a site this is !!
All you have to do is use a teapot or tea cup !!
if you want to join in the fun go HERE ! !

I cant seem to get a photo of the made hatter but here are a few others
The white queen

the rabbit

the cat

and Alice !


  1. Amie! You are so amazing. It is art. I am so getting you do decor up the next party of mine. You should do it as a job! Please tell me you'll enter it in Altered Alice - challenge is tea things. Perfect!

  2. Thanks so much for playing along with The Altered Alice. You know we usually get submissions like cards, layouts, art journal pages, mini-albums. This is the first time someone entered a party, LOL! Take a look back at our June challenge, which was a Mad Tea Party, this would have been perfect for that challenge too!

  3. Great photos (what you managed to get hold of lol) I love the playing cards and all the little bits and pieces..T parties to remember as they get older...who came as the mad hatter?

  4. YAY!!!! You did it! LOVE the photos. Such an awesome party. xx

  5. Oh WOW!!! This is sooo fabulous! Love your party table and the Wonderland characters look adorable! xxD

  6. This is an awesome entry to the Altered Alice Challenge! Looks like it was a great tea party...wish I had been there!

  7. This is fantastic Amie!! What a party~just a great eye for detail and the girls look like they really played the part and had a blast:) You rocked this!!! Fantastic!!!
    Sherrie K