Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reuse or repurpose for Frosted designs

Over at frosteddesigns. they have a great challenge this week / fortnight . Reuse or re purpose ! I have been holding onto this mirror i brought for my daughter years ago , Not knowing what i was going to with it . I knew it was to good to throw away , and she really does not like Bratz now ( lol ) she is 14 !
This is what the mirror looked like before .

And this is the draw at the bottom of the mirror .I covered it in old book paper .

And pulled of a few feathers of this feather boa i have been keeping , yep that's another thing i could not throw away .

I used some old ceiling white paint to cover over the book paper .

Found an old draw knob i had in my stash .
The thin pink ribbon across the front was of a top i brought ( the ribbon that holds your clothes onto the hanger ) that's another i have heaps of , ribbon of clothes ..... lol

I also made paper roses out of the book paper , and the leaves are out of tissue paper , (another thing i keep anything that comes wrapped in tissue paper ) ,

The pearls here are of a broken necklace my daughter gave me and yes i have her keeping all of her broken jewellery for me too . 

The little pink bird the bird cage and the leaves on the branch in this photo are Christmas decorations i have been keeping !

Here are the feathers of the boa and i made the little nest out of wire.

The only new thing that was brought for this project is the light blue spotted paper from Prima ( oh and yes i used Prima something i don't do that much ) .

I'm really happy again with the way this one has turned out .

Now i have to get the drill out to hang it up in my scrap room .
Pop over to frosteddesigns. and join in the fun !
Thanks for taking the time to look .


  1. You are amazing Amie! I love it so much. Everything you make is perfect in every way. I love visiting your blog!

  2. You make my jaw drop everytime Amie, you are a very talented.

    Thank you for joining us at Frosted Designs, I look forward to seeing more of you work


  3. Oh thanks heaps girls ! your way to nice.

  4. You should be happy with the way it turned out! It is beautiful! What an awesome way to use so many items you have been hanging on to. Way to Go! Thanks for playing along over at Frosted Designs.

  5. OMG this is absolutely stunning. I so so so love your paper roses and absolutely everything you have done on this project. x