Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do you need a product book?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this book has turned out !
Oh and i LOVE LOVE LOVE texture paste too !

Rub'n'Buff , glimmer mists , Home made shimmer mists and foam stamps have turned this boring book into a WOW book !

The inside covers and the back cover i have embossed and then patch worked black card stock , Finishing that of with rub;n;buff and glimmer sprays.

Then the binder of the book was a little boring so out came the wool , yes wool , looks great tied down the side of the binder . I'm going to be using this book for a list of products that i have , So when i go to the shops i don't double up on colours ! You know you have to have the whole range of colours right ? I'm also making another one in different colours so keep checking back to see that one too .
Thanks again for popping by .

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  1. The book looks amazing and what a great idea using it so you don't double up products x