Thursday, September 9, 2010


I just want to say thanks to everyone for there support in my design team work!!! i cant wait to get mind is working over time :) in a good way,but i would love to be able to sleep!!

I just want to show you all another tile canvas that i made last year,This one was made for my sister,she did not know i was making her one,she seen mine whilst she was over here on holidays and said she would LOVE one,So i thought i would make her one as i knew i was going to see her a few months later.So i made tile after tile for months on end. I was also showing 3 other friends how to make theirs too,so my house was full of tiles.... 420 on each canvas.I made mine in 3 parts as i needed to get it to Sydney,once i was there i used hinges to hold it as one long canvas and i must say my sister loves it!! 
On some of the tiles i use pictures of us when we were small and old family photos, numbers that have meanings and letters of every ones names.
Xx c u soon

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  1. Wow Aime! this looks lovely what a great personalized idea