Thursday, September 2, 2010

13th birthday party

For my daughters 13th birthday party she wanted some thing amazing,something that her friends would talk about for years to come! So we came up with the idea of a "blood lust ball"..... So to make this happen i had to put my thinking cap on,and this is what i came up with.... A candle had to have the dripping wax and spider webs...I picked this candle stick holder up at a 2nd hand shop for $5(turned out great).....We also had to have some thing all the guests could sign so this Kaiser tab book came in handy..I used a candle to drip (blood) from the cover,once the guests had signed it i then filled it full of photos from the party..
So next to do on the to do list was lolly boxes...I thought the kids were a little to old for lolly boxes....but my daughter wanted them so i had to make them....Coffins!!!I down loaded a template and cut them all out by hand taped them together and stamped a skeleton on the inside saying thanks for being a victim of Ebonnis 13th birthday! I then filled them with red gum balls and teeth lollys topped with spider web so when you opened the lid it looked like spiders had been nesting in I then silver embossed a cross on the top followed by more dripping blood!!!
We also had to find BLACK CATS whats a blood lust ball with out black cats......i found them at a local party shop......Bargin $20 for both..
So then it came to the cake........OMG it had to be big and fit the theme.....So i was on the hunt for a bat cookie cutter..I found one...I made them from moulding paste and black glitter...It turned out just how i wanted and everybody LOVED it !! 

Well the birthday girl had to have a costume..So we surfed ebay till we came across something that no other girl would of think off....A dark fairy...this costume was a real bargin $21 delivered.

Making the food was the real hard part of the party( i had great friends to help me)But every thing went down a treat!!
I then had to do something with the glasses....dripping blood came to mind....and this is what i came up withI also needed some thing to hold lolly pops ( do you know how hard it is to find a lolly pop holder?)OMG so i then had to make have a hard life)A bodice in a coffin!!So all the guests turned up dressed up...and the party went of without a hitch...The girls still talk about it till this day and cant wait to see what we are going to do next year!!( sorry girls no parties till sweet 16) and must i say it she is working on ideas now!!! AAAARRRRRRRRRR...I also forgot to say i made invites too...i have to find a pic of them so when i do i will post it......Xx 

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  1. Those cat things scare the hell out of me they look so vicious