Monday, October 29, 2012

Sawyers Place guest designer

I was wrapped when i was asked to be a guest designer for sawyers place  !!I received 3 beautiful wahi tapes
The first being this steel-blue-cogs-gears-washi-tape

I have used it here in my layout called attitude !!

Using this washi is quick and simple way to really give the wow factor to this layout.

The second washi tape is this steel-blue-robots

I have use rows of this in the back ground instead of using a back ground paper, cutting different little squares into the ends giving that compute/robot feel

Last but not least this cute little owl washi tape

I have just used small little strips to give this little girl layout the finishing touches.

I have really enjoyed using this amazing washi tape from sawyers place .Why not try some out for yourself I'm sure there is some that would tickle your fancy over at their site.

Thanks for taking the time to look XX
Oh and this is what else i have been up too

My sons 7TH birthday !!


  1. Awesome layouts Amie they look great.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Robin, the washi tapes look good but I am really impressed by the birthday party food and decorations! I know how long it took you to scrounge up everything and make stuff. Well done!!!

  3. I am not the biggest washi fan but I LOVED your layouts!!! And your son party looked like loads of fun :D

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