Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Sprctrum Noir

Yesterday i posted a little how too on here , So today here is another!

so lets get started

Step one, Using the darkest of the three colours you will be using,Colour the high lights of your flower,I like using little stitch like strokes but you can use dabbing or circular motions.

Then taking your second colour (or middle colour),Colour next to and a little over but not all the way over step one.You can now see the two colours starting to blend together.On this step make sure you use a flicking up ward motion in the center of the flower to it a really nice looking center.

Using the third colour or the lightest colour,Colour the remainder of the flower remembering to colour a little over the second colour but not all the way over.You now can see all three colours blending together.

Now using the second(middle) and the third ( lightest)start blending the colours together until you are happy with the out come.EG the second colour(middle) blends into the darkest colour and the third( lightest) blends into the second colour. 

Once you are happy with the blending you then can take the darkest (first) colour marker and add in the high lights.
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