Thursday, January 5, 2012


WOW I cant believe its a new year already !!

I have been so so busy ! But i bet everyone has at this time of year !
I have had a little bit of time to get some crafting done , But nothing great, Mainly cards, I cant seem to make enough of them.

Well time goes so quickly so here are a few things i have been up too.....

My Son does soap box racing and every year they are asked to join the Christmas pageant....For everyone not in Perth Australia this is a big street parade .My daughter was asked to carry their sign .

174 is my son , He had the best time and cant wait till next year !!

MY daughter also had her year 9 river cruise .

Once that was over we had a soap box Christmas party,

Once that was done,  Christmas day , Boxing day , New years + school holidays.......My head is going to explode !!

I'm Heading out to inspired crafts this Saturday for their Birthday bash , So I'm hoping i will have some crafty things to show you then .

Also late next week i will have my very first post for forever night challenges so pop back here or over to their blog to see all the great work !!

Thanks for sticking with my over the last year and i hope to see you all following this coming year !

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