Friday, August 5, 2011

Pockets in my project for simply betty stamps !!

Welcome to simply betty challenges  this time around you need to make a project using pockets !!!
Its that easy !! Any thing  a layout , mini album, any thing but a card !!
Now we don't have many people doing the challenges at the moment so why not try it out for yourself and win some great stamps B4 simply betty challenges  takes over the challenge world !!!

So here is my project for this challenge ! !

Now I'm sorry for all the pictures but you really do need to see them all !!
This is the front of my Accordion album !

There are 6 amazing stamps in this set !

Here is Bella Donna ! I have made pockets for each stamp to slide into ! 
Next up is Harley  I love the hair on this one ! once again the pocket is at the top !

Pipper is funky !! These stamps are a great size ! There is also a pocket for the Pipper stamp !

Ellanore Is the cutest !! These stamp stamp beautiful the quality is amazing !

Jack jack would have to be my favorite as my sons name is Jack !!
He is one cool dude !! jack jack also has a pocket for his own stamp !! 
Last but not least Raven I love her roses !!

I really hope you like all those pockets !
Pop over to simply betty challenges and give this challenge ago and win some great stamps !!
If you don't want to have ago at this challenge there will be others !
or you might just want to have a look at some amazing stamps
Postage to Australia is really good !!
Have fun and i cant wait to see all your Pockets !!


  1. OMG Amie I love this!!!! So cool!!! I am so glad you got to play with your stamps! and don't ya just looove the pink packaging! WHoohoo!


  2. Such a great way to store your stamps! I half started my challenge for the last one and linky got the better of me. Life got in the way! GAH! But I am starting early on my pockets and am joining in this one for sure! Your pockets are amazing!

  3. Amie, this is SO cool! WHat a fang-tatsic idea! I am going to make something like this for my stamps! Great project!

  4. OMG! This is so freakin AWESOME!! love each and every one, great combo of patterns and colors, and the whole pocket idea for stamps, too cute!

  5. What a great idea and love the color combo you used

  6. wow Amie - this is amazing i always feel so inspired when i view your blog! colors are amazing I love what you have done!

  7. Gorgeous work Miss Aime. Had such a great time with you and Sharyn at scrapaway x

  8. Amie - fantastic job on this one. I love how you are storing your SB stamps. Very creative. TFS

  9. Love it Amy, this is gorgeous. You always WOW me with your work