Sunday, April 10, 2011

A how to do.....wreath of paper flowers

Welcome ! Here is my first and i hope many of my HOW TO DO !
This wreath takes time lots of time ! I guess i picked a hard one to start with but I'm sure you will love the result !
You will need a foam wreath , Now you could use any size you like but here is a large wreath from spotlight .

You then will need to cover your wreath with green florist tape , You don't really need to do this but if you don't want your white wreath showing between the " flowers" you will need to paint or cover in paper .

Fast Grab Tacky Glue is a must have make sure you have a full bottle ! You can pick this up at Inspired crafts for a few $ .If your doing a large wreath you will need about 10 pieces of patterned paper and 4 sheets of matching card .

Once you have chosen your papers then they will need to have 3inch circles cut out of them , You will end up 9 to a sheet . I have cut mine out on a cricut but if your not lucky enough to have one ,  hand cut will also be fine . 
Circles all cut ?
This is the next step , draw swirls onto the back of the card making them as even as possable .

Cut around this line and rub out any pencil marks.

Do you have an old mouse / computer pad ?
That will come in handy here ! You will need some thing rounded to run around the inside cuts to make the paper bend just a little .

This will give a bend to the paper to make it easier for the flower to wrap around its self .

Holding the Base / center of the flower

twirl the outer part of the circle into the "center "

This is what it should look like once it is all twirled .

This is where you will need the Tacky Glue !

Place a blob onto the base of the flowers , 
Pushing down the " petals " on top of the glue and holding for a few seconds .

This will need to be done to all the circles !

It takes time ! or days !

You will need some thing to hang the wreath up with ! I just used ribbon and pinned it on , you could use this wreath laying flat on a table as a center piece .

Using a hot glue gun ( i found this better then pinning the flowers on ) start gluing the flowers on in any pattern you like not forgetting to add the plain card stock flowers in between . 

This is the finished product ! It took days !

If you have to many " gaps " between your flowers try adding a small amount of Tulle pinned into the gaps . 
I just love the way this has turned out !
If you would like to have a go at making this ,  pop out to InspiredCrafts and see this in real life !
Thanks for taking the time to look


  1. OMG, I would have thought that took you weeks to make all those flowers. Kudos to you! Love the way it came out. I just became one of your followers. If you stop by my blog you can link your blog to the Link the Love bloghop that's going on. Once you do that you should reach your 50 really fast. I would love it if you would follow my blog.

  2. What a beautiful wreath, the flowers and the final project came out lovely. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Jeez! I can't imagine how much went into this but wow! The final wreath is gorgeous! Just popping in from the Just Cricky hop.

  4. I am visiting your blog and was going through old posts. I am absolutly in love with this project. I have thoughts for a wonderful decoration for a bridal shower and an engagement party. I also could see something like this in a smaller forum above my picture wall. Kudos to you....Just love love love it. Marvelous Job!!!
    sandrav9288 at yahoo dot com.