Thursday, January 6, 2011

This is what i have been up too!

Do i need to tell what this is? Well its my Eiffel tower.
Its art for art sakes.

The Eiffel tower is one of those 3D jigsaws.I picked this one up from Inspired crafts,it was around $6. OMG was this hard to put together or what? The packaging said ages 5 and up well I'm a little over that and it was HARD! After i cut a few tabs off it finally went together :) I then painted it all over with black gesso,once that was dry i then dry brushed pail pink all over and then finished it of with a little silver rub and buff.

The base was made from 5 sheets of heavy chipboard glued together,then cut into a circle using a jigsaw.I covered the circle with a paper from Minds eye lost and found range.I also painted the base black.Large pearls are used as the "feet" on the bottom and they are gel medium ed on.I then used Smooched ink to matched the paper to cover over the white German scrap i have used around the edge of the circle base.Light pink and pale brown ribbon has been tied around some corners in little bows.I made a little nest out of wire to place at the very top of the tower i have also put pale pink feathers under it.Threading pearls onto cotton i have them placed around the top and the bottom of the tower..

I have used Hot fix pearls along the top.

I have also ran pink ribbon around the outer edge of the circle base.

I hand made the little roses out of the scrap bits of paper left over from the base.If you would like to know how to make these just leave a comment and i will get back to you.

The words are made from rub ons.I used the same paper and cut different shapes and distressed ink and fine glitter to finish them off.

I hope you liked looking at this and will give it a try for your self.

Well this is the start of my small very small scrap booking/craft  room.This is just a little look as i have a lot more to do in there yet.

small very small....but i do fit in.........more to come
Thanks for taking the time to look.


  1. Small comment but big in heart lol! the room is looking great and you have done a fantastic job on the Eiffel tower...and yes i do want to know how to make the flowers

  2. Deb i will show u next time we are together

  3. Hi Amie!
    Im new to your blog. I popped over from Chloe's blog. I just love your Eiffel Tower. Its fantastic!!!! Id really to be able to build something like that but if you think your scrap space is tiny, I have you beat. Im working with an extremely much smaller area. So Im limited as to what to have in my area. Perhaps once I get myself organized (lol) It will be good. I would defenetly would love to learn how to make the flowers. Did you also make the black lollipop flowers? I would love to make some of those as well. I also see that you are a cupcake lover! Me too!! Cant wait to get some more time to explore your blog :)
    Jess :)