Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baubles,Boxes and more......

I really love making these Christmas Baubles.
They are a pain in the butt to make,but look great once finished. 

I came across this key a few Christmases ago from Deli sh,I was not sure what to do with it then so its been sitting in my stash for a long time.

This year Teresa Collins brought out this really really nice Christmas range of paper and when i saw it i knew what i was going to do. Cover my key in it. 

I cut out the holly and inked it green and used some little red fake cherries for the berries.I also cut out the words and mounted them on chipboard

I the chained them together and hung bells on the bottom,What is Christmas with out bells?    every thing i make has bells.....well just about

 Next i have this thing with boxes at the moment.So i made these ones for Matt's teachers at school,and YES he has five....

I also came across this template for a Santa box.This one was no bigger then a matchbox and could barely fit any thing in it so.........I made it bigger!!
I then made belt buckles and glittered them.The buttons came from a cuttle bug die,cut out of chipboard the glittered....I THINK THEY LOOK GREAT!!

Thanks for taking the time to look!

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  1. I absolutely love these little boxes Amie very clever idea to make them into santas and so versatile for parties and gifts. Thanks for sharing